As Turkon Transport Inc., we started to provide land transportation services with our self-owned vehicles.

As Turkon Logistics Inc., we started to serve with the desire to offer our customers all over the world air, land, seaway, railway, project transportation and all other logistics activities by going beyond our borders.

As Turkon Railway Inc., we started to provide Rail Transportation services with our self-owned wagons, containers and equipment.

The story of our group started with our goal to join forces in different areas of logistics and to provide services to our customers in all areas of logistics. We set out on this dream and merged our three business operations. And then we dreamed… With our philosophy of “always forward in every field we exist”, we added a spirit to our slogan and gave life to our colors.

GREEN represents our responsibility to nature,
BLUE stands for our roots, our passion for the sea,
PURPLE indicates the woman, her strength, endurance and existence in all areas of life
ORANGE represents our social responsibility awareness, knowledge, goodness and the power of creativity,
YELLOW symbolizes youth, productivity and modernity,
RED represents our everlasting energy that always carries us forward.
We continue to be your logistics partner with all our colors.